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by Others

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written and performed by Others
recorded and engineered by Frank Hernandez
mixed by Others
mastered by Brandon Reyes
additional help Alan Gardina


released April 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Other Records Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Just the Same

Anna is young, when
she first broke up she
would give it up with
out feeling love

I’d felt much older.
I could tell she’s smart,
but immature,
I didn’t want to take
(advantage of her)

I drove alone,
but I’ll have a few just the same
this bar is a home
to all who came.

Greg plays crass, but he’s pure of heart.
Stuck in ruts for a fresh start--
Anna led him to believe
she’d wear her heart on her sleeve…

lovers lie, friends are spies
I have my father’s eyes.
there are tears Anna cries,
Greg feels years slip on by...

It’s history,
learn, or repeat.

“Please don’t, go away”
Greg said, “I’ll love you just the same
with all your mistakes
through each day,
that you fall short—
we all do,”

we all do.
Track Name: Thursday Night

I’ll finish my drink then walk you to the store
these hopeful eyes are waiting for
the entrance of a 'whore'

gossip is grown up war
some people learn to lie
to seem mature
(what does that mean?)

‘I’m sorry.’ I sometimes say--
don’t say what I mean.
I tell the truth but not enough--
my dreams, they reveal
what words conceal.
life’s not real,
but my lips stay sealed

“Does it bog you down?
what other people say,
when you try to be real
and they call you fake?”

Ja, be quick to trust
Ja still be slow to judge
I know the best advice,
'choose not to give a fuck'

hey, I don’t want to give up on today
the Future folds under that kind of weight--
someday--I'll have a son
he will be just like me,
won’t know anything atallatallat—“stop”

I’m sorry I, sometimes did
I did what she wanted and I was lying to myself
no, I
I don’t want to argue. I don’t want to
talk by text to talk,
girl all you did was talk
when my lips,
would stay sealed
Track Name: Clown

another night
out on
the town
I’m a clown

another night
with out
the girl
that I wanted to see





another night
we all
try to
make it through

I'll just
take it
in stride
to night




Track Name: Odd Couple

My friend Dave
he is a slave to the endless load-and-save

M-a-d eleine
she fills her mind with many
she wont dance, she wont sing
she’s afraid of being alive...

Take it straight from me
he said, Take it girl then leave.
she said, Boy quit begging me,
boy get off your knees.”

I don’t know all your secrets, he said
I don’t know all your secrets
since we are both just 'strangers'
I’ll tell you one of my secrets.

he said, I’m afraid of losing control
she said, Well, I’m afraid of being a joke
they say, You know you shouldn’t be
You know you shouldn’t be

Take it straight from me,
he said Fake it girl, and I will leave.
she said, Boy I’m begging please...
one day get on your knees.
one day,
get on your knee.”

{(...baby please...)}
Track Name: There Is That

--She’d ignore my message
And that would be the last time I try,
yeah I tried...
no, I don’t need a single dame tonight

-“is it that girl you like?”
She’s hot and cold,
says 'let’s hang', but doesn't show
what'd you think? is it a game?
'cos i’ve not played a single one these days
no Way

--Then the dude on the stool right next to me
He goes, “Bro, what’s up? You down?”

Shit, I was just drinking,
I was just thinking
Casey has talent, wants to direct films,
but he got caught making money and bills
but wait, there’s more
Ben wants to counsel the mentally ill
But he unwinds with weed, liquor, pills, and
there is that...
there Is that...

-“…but that girl last weekend?”
I know just how, why, and when we’d break
Would she think it a mistake?
If I just want to have some fun
…and get some

Why did Audrey say yes when she meant no?
Why do always—I want girls who nev—
'Why’s' are slippery slopes

I should think before I speak,
sometimes I drink before I think ...so--

What were you saying, I was just playing (?)
language has limits, everything’s pointless
words are distinctions, everything’s made up
This is That

“Dave, Where are you going? — let’s have a smoke”
I’ve got to tell her, I could’ve loved you…
There is that
der is dat, oh …
Track Name: Blindside

At the age of seventeen,
I felt what love could be,

from the eyes of a young girl,
and the way they looked at me

But we grew and grew away
I never got to say,

h-hey, I’d love you
if I could I'd love you if I could
you just hit me from a blindside
you just hit me from a blindside
you just hit me,

Now I met a girl of twenty-four
who’d never been in love before

surprises were in store
when we began to court, shared some pleasure

oh her heart broke open
and I was so uncertain

now in ten years I’ll be wandering
some foreign street after midnight
and arm-in-arm with her husband
and shorter-hair and wiser-eyes

I’ll pass by like a ghost in the night
she won’t know if it’s me or a look-alike
I’ll just hit her from a blindside
(we were so young when)

thinking I’d love you if I only could
(we first broke up, no)

yes I’d love you if I only could
(I had to give up, I had to give up)

and if I had some sight I think I would
(don't let me give up, don't let me give up)

if I had some sight I know I would
(Please Ri, don't give up, please Ri don't give up)

give you all my love
(I will come back to you, I will come back for you)

No, I never saw what was coming,
Now, I never see what's coming

It's coming...
Track Name: Find Another Way

Stay up late
Searching for
One quick fix
Kicks and ditzes

That night I went to the party,
and no one spoke to me
I left it quite early,
and nobody phoned me
I slept feeling lonely,
and woke in a hurry
he saw we were talking
I dreamt of us fucking

That which stays
gets amplified in your brain
-when you close out too late
-when you give up to Fate

Then I let my happiness
depend on things
outside myself, on someone else
Desire leads while people bleed/breed
This country runs first on “me” then on greed
With new forms of subtlety
thanks to technology
we stay in touch in irony

when drunk sometimes sober
my thoughts are left-over(s)
I think of an old love
(imagined sweetheart)
want to tell her I lover her
I’m hers forever
well I almost phone her
just wait til youre sober

wait til you’re sober
Just. Wait.

They don’t
from State
It is De-Liberate
I’ll find us
another Way
Track Name: Touch

sleepy eyes tan thighs
hot breath young breast
you make me feel

what you want

while awake
at night
I'm holding your outlines
in my mind, mind, oh in my mind

just a touch
just a touch
just a touch want to touch

kiss your head kiss your neck
yes I notice the way
that you look at me, look at me

looked at me

just a touch
just a touch
just a touch want to touch

all right
the way that we move so fine
the way that we'd feel, so right
the way that we'd move, so fine
the way that we'd feel so right
so fine
Track Name: In the Morning
, in a wedding dress at a pianobench we were youngerthenI was afraidofsex myheadwasinamess it was concernedwithsin my sister lostsomefriends and all my hopewasspent thestormsthatrageinside the stormsthatfloodmymind i cant take it icanttakeit no onandonandonandonandonandennui.go
we'regonnamakeitweregonnamakeit yeah(we're gonna make it) we're gonna make it in the morning inthemorning (the worries in my mind)inthemorning(will go away) the worriesinmymind worries inmymind will go away
Track Name: Bar Sighs

Retire to me beaten
unwashed sheets stained with semen and
loose hairs, old traces of kissed and fucked faces
from drunken escapades left from low-lit places

where the young come to commune with their phones
on in isolation young cunts and old
sluts banging with Desperation

everybody goes it alone
and nobody here seems to know the bar just wants to close

see screen to screen
trained to exist
vicariously try as we might
I will fail. no. No.

your Head will be heavy, your tongue too Dry while
dreaming heavy of licking undersides, oversized. just let
the ethanol keep your head-full, redirect-your-blood-flow
nothing hurts inthemorning if you let your mind go Hurry up
she said before the power-out, offs-all-the-lights, while the unlucky
guys-with-out-a-prize collect outside to start a fight while
the bar just sighs

Yes. youmightaswell, your secret is safe with me. your secret's safe
with me. Hurry up, please, you know that this is time, you know
that this is time. Hurry up, please, while you're mine Mine.

Try as we might to drown it out, down it goes, downonmeyougo
take me home. drop me off. sleep alone. sleep it off.
noI'll be gone with abaddon Down I go Down I go

…throw it up
I think I'm gonna throw
Think I wanna throw it up
I think i have to throw this up
think I'm gonna throw....

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